Top 5 Tricks To Make You A Master At Using Microsoft Word

Among all the official, academic and artistic applications, Microsoft word is perhaps the most productive, the most common and the most versatile. This text document creating software has been the tool of choice for many of the greatest modern academics and artisans. While many of them used words to elevate us from our mundane atmosphere, the Word software’s versatility and a gamut of features had a hand in that too. But we digress. The application as a whole is based on the modern ‘observe and learn’ methodology. To that end, if you truly want to master its intricacies, you have to look deeper to get access to its hidden features.

Microsoft Support Australia Looked Into The Features On Your Behest And Now Presents To You These Tricks

Mastering the document making application is no small task, but it is indeed easy to understand. We assure you, that some of the following tricks might seem a bit mundane and trivial, but if you broaden your aspect ratio you would notice that how useful they can be. These tips would give you easy access to the given menus; can assist you in navigating through the document, can quick fix some of your more insidious mistakes and much more. So without, further delay let us begin with learning top 5 tricks to make you a master at using Microsoft word.

  • Tell the software what you want: With increased applicability and ease of user interface, the recent versions of the application have availed a more interactive environment. Adhering to this interactivity, Word has availed a search engine for its users. Using this search bar, users can navigate into the puzzling ocean of menus and features featured in this application. To exemplify, type in ‘picture’ in the search box. The software would then present you with pertaining menus to insert, remove or modify graphics.
  • The filler text: If you are designing a presentation, a times you would just like to know how a textual entry (paragraph) would look like on the document. Assisting with this is a simple code for lorem ipsum (a junk text designed to fill in the gaps). Just type in this code “=lorem (p, L)”; the ‘p’ is the number of paragraphs and the l is the number of lines. Doing this would automatically avail you to some filler text.
  • Hide the white spaces: Accurately viewing the document on the print preview entails accuracy. To that end, you must remove the white spaces to get a better textual view. To do that, double click upon the spaces and they would hide.
  • Insert links the fast way: There are two ways to insert links in our documents, the long-winded way which takes time, or the smart way. Let us discuss the smart way to solve the issue. Select the text -> ‘Ctrl + k’ -> paste the URL and then press enter.
  • Hide the mistakes: It is nice to know that Microsoft word cares about your grammar, but that turns into annoyance as soon as you see cluttered distractions in the form of red, green and blue lines. Luckily, the newer application allows you to remove these markers. To remove the markers, go to File -> options -> Proofing -> Here, put a tick mark that allows you to hide the markers.

There are indeed a dozen more of these amazing features. If you want to inquiry about them, contact Microsoft Technical Support at the toll free number 1800-954-302. The document creator application is always on the rise; therefore, you must brace yourself for more of these tricks that would assist you in finally conquering Microsoft Word, one version at a time.

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